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Can Blockchain help Prevent Human Trafficking?

The Blockchain and Human Trafficking Unconference will bring together technologists, academics, non-profit experts and other professionals to tackle the critical question, “Can Blockchain Help Prevent Human Trafficking?” This unconference format will encourage participation and brainstorming by all attendees, and include a centralized schedule and agenda maintained by the organizers.

The primary goal of this unconference is to explore ways in which blockchain technology might be used to help prevent human trafficking. NGO's and government agencies often find themselves a step behind human traffickers who run their very lucrative criminal “businesses” in part due to their lack of agility in using technology to thwart them. For far too long, human traffickers have used technology in more nimble ways than those of us on the anti-trafficking side, including law enforcement, government agencies and NGOs.

Our organization strongly believes that we can and should use every technology available - including Blockchain - to thwart human traffickers and actually disrupt their criminal activity. This event will bring together experts in the field familiar with the realities of trafficking on the ground, with technologists and others to contribute and combine their knowledge to make a serious attempt at finding ways that blockchain might be used in the global efforts to combat and prevent human trafficking.

** It has become evident recently, that there are ways that blockchain can potentially INCREASE suffering in the world if misapplied by technologists and practitioners in ways that can cause serious complications and even danger for vulnerable populations who do not need or want blockchain (yes, this is a surprise to some)!

Please disregard the premature announcement/s of this event as happening earlier this year. Thank you.

Thanks for caring about this potentially useful technology to add to finding more ways to prevent human trafficking and decrease human suffering in the world.

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Come celebrate our 19th Anniversary!

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Guest Speaker: Fainess Lipenga


Ms. Fainess Lipenga has been an active member of the National Survivor Network since 2013. As a survivor of labor trafficking, she uses her voice and experience to educate the community and raise awareness. Her mission is to prevent other survivors from being re-victimized and to give them hope and courage to heal, become leaders, and achieve their dreams.

Ms. Lipenga has testified before the U.S. Congress regarding the challenges survivors face and presented to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine. She has provided training for pro bono lawyers, law students, physicians, law enforcement officials, and federal prosecutors.  She has spoken at national conferences and developed expert training materials.

Ms. Lipenga believes survivor voices and leadership are essential to advocacy on human trafficking. She is a certified nursing assistant and continues to pursue her goal of becoming a registered nurse.

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